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Bicycle Trails Council's 2nd Annual Benefit this Thursday

The Bicycle Trails Council’s 2nd Annual Benefit, a screening of Bicycle Dreams at the Grand Lake Theater on Thursday, January 26 at 7 PM, is nigh. This award-winning movie about the Race Across America is rich with cycling meaning, excitement, and character. Fred Boehling, president of RAAM in Colo ...    Read More »

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Conversation Piece - AMP research Easton Dagger

Little info from the builder: Just to be a little more correct, this was made by Dagger Mountain Bikes. The model is an FS (full suspension), 20" (measured to the top of the top tube), has a titanium spring ($100 option), construction of the front triangle is of Easton's 7005 alloy Elite tubing a ... Read More »

What does everyone know about Dagger Bikes

I recently purchased a Dagger Elan 3 but I can't really find anything out the company and their history. Does anyone have any info about the company or their bikes that they would like to share, or pics of their Dagger bikes? Thanks [IMG]http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm266/mazdaprotege4/ ... Read More »

Thoughts on Easton Dagger

Good, bad or ugly (kind of ugly). Just wondering where they land (or if they do) in the pantheon of VRC. Thx.Read More »

Dagger FS (AMP)

I recently finished this project. Bought as a frameset with tatty candy cherry paint I had dreams of paying a homage to the Dagger MBA tested in 1995 with the super cool yellow-to-red fade. I collected lots red ano stuff and stripped the paint off the front triangle and polished the AMP back end ... Read More »

Dagger HELP!

[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]HELP!... Does anyone know anything about this bike. I bought it off of craigslist last month. All XTR, race face, snakebite, hayes, brake therapy adapter, etc. It rides fine and is in great shape. Thanks:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: [/FONT]Read More »

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