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Hot News: RockShox expands Charger Damper to new BoXXer DH fork

RockShox keeps the pedal to the floor with Charger Damper enhanced BoXXer DH forks and aftermarket kits, 27.5-inch models too. Suspension-maker revs value-priced Domain Dual Crown as well.    Read More »

First Look: Michelin Wild Mud reinforced tire

Michelin adds to its new tire line a mud tire with a great casing and a couple nifty features.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon 2 has the good kind of split personality

The split personality Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2 has the climbing chops of a short-travel XC racer, but can rip descents like a true trail bike.    Read More »

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Cutting weight where it matters...

This winter, I replaced wheels, crank, pretty much the entire drive train on my puglsey. The only original parts are the frame and the fork. Did it make much of a difference? No, it did not. Also this winter, I stared eating better. Dropped maybe 4 or 5 pounds off the bike. Dropped 25 or ... Read More »

Before I go cutting......

On-one fatty arrived 3 weeks ago. Loving it. Just cannot get used to the wide bars. Are wide bars more effective in sand and soft stuff? Or is the width of these just guff? CheersRead More »

Cutting Trail With Motos

Has anyone ever used a dirt bike to break trail for mountain bike use? I understand that this would not work in some parts of the world, but would this be a good option for putting in trails in the desert? The idea would be to flag the trail line on foot and then have a dirt bike ride the line (slow ... Read More »

cutting/ bleeding shimano brakes

appoligies if this has been covered but i really dont want to ruin my new xt's. after i cut my lines i will need to bleed my brakes, i am suspecting i will only have to slightly top off the resivoir. i have some reverb fluid kicking around which i believe is 2.5w suspension fluid. will i be fine usi ... Read More »

Cutting fluid is smoking...

...when I cut steel tubing with a hacksaw. Is this normal, or an indication that the cutting fluid isn't....well, cutting it?Read More »

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