Wendell and CTS conditions?

Anyone now how Wendell and Charlemont are?Read More »

CTS field test -> LTHR -> HR zones

I know this has been answered a million times. I know I've seen it about half a million. It's just that now when I want to use the information, I can't find it. Argh! Right now the zones in my Garmin are just based off its idea of what my max HR might be. I'd like it to display something modera ... Read More »

Cadillac CTS

Anyone have one? Specifically a 1st gen. I am thinking of getting out of my gas hog Land Rover and I've always like the CTS. Just wondering if any of you guys have personal experiance with them. I am guessing roof racks etc are available...Read More »


Does anybody knows this cassetes: [IMG]http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/9771/sam0841.jpg[/IMG] 138 g for 9V 11-32 [IMG]http://www.maxssystem.com/producto_detalle.php?id=249[/IMG]Read More »

CTS questions

A few questions for the veterans of CTS #1 tire choice - Using Nobby Nics presently but a little worn - don't mind purchasing new tires #2 co2 or mini pump? #3 any extra food or drinks you're bringing that aren't supplied #4 anyone bringing more than 1 pair of riding shoes? #5 any spare parts ... Read More »


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Bushing Tool 3.67
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Disc Adapter 1
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$ 34.95
Spot Facer 5
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$ 239.00
Truing Stand Adapters 0
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