Orange Seal Cycling

Orange Seal Cycling Products is based out of Cedar Park Texas, and launched their products back in 2011, and their distinctive orange tinted fluids definitely make them unique looking. They had their line of products on display at Outdoor Demo, and the lineup includes a bike cleaner, chain lube, tu ...    Read More »

Fox 36 Van 160 FIT RC2 Review

The Van 160 is an incredible fork, and offers superb compliance, control and steering attributes, along with excellent small bump interaction, and of course, typical coil spring plushness and linearity. What sets this fork apart from its competition, are the responsiveness and laser like steering ca ...    Read More »

Featured User Review: Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon 29er Full Suspension Bike

Featured User Review: Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon 29er Full Suspension Bike by AK Chris Price: $2400.00 at LBS Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 5 of 5 Bike Setup: 24.62 lbs - insane for a XL 29er. This is the lightest bike I've ever owned, amazing. Will drop below 24 with some ~1700g ...    Read More »

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Buying frames from Aliexpress? Quality or crud?

I stumbled across when searching for a Giant HT frame. They have Giant XTC frames, frames from other brands like Scott, and frames from other brands I've never heard of (Cube, etc). Does anyone know anything about this site and if they are trustworthy? How about the frames, are the ... Read More »

Crud in the air

My cardio has been suffering the last couple weeks. Lungs just have not been up to par. I blamed in on the massive amount of yellow pollen dropping from the palo verde trees in my area (parking lots are deep enough to leave tire tracks in some areas) ... it will go away soon enough. But.. as I sa ... Read More »

Whistler Crud to Mud Downhill

So sad I will be in Mexico - this is one event I would have liked to play in: [url][/url]Read More »

2010 FSR Elite crud prevention

I'm enjoying my new 2010 SJ Elite but would love to find a way that would protect the front derailleur area from the dirt and mud that seems to collect there far more than I've had happen on my other bikes. Are there any elegant DIY solutions out there? [IMG] ... Read More »

Is CRUD USA an MTBR sponsor?

Hi guys! Just checking if he's a sponsor. There are spam reports about threads like this one [url][/url] CheersRead More »

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