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Croll Frame

For all of you who participated in the quiz the answer is Croll. :) I decided this winter that I wanted to find a local (Minnesota) bike or frame to build up and started a search for either an American or Mark Zeh. In the process I came across this raw Croll. I have always liked lugged bikes ( ... Read More »

Croll mountain frame pics/info

In a fit of Bicycle Acquisition Syndrome I recently bought an old Croll mountain frame. It is NOS and sports only a primer coat from House of Kolors. It's fully lugged, except for some impeccable fillet brazing around the seatstay bridge and is, from what I gather, built of Reynolds 531 atb tubing. ... Read More »

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam: Small Croll MTB and XC Pro Bits

I hate spam as much as the next guy but you guys are pretty much the potential market. Must sell this weekend to fund road bike purchases/upgrades. [url]http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=9590[/url]Read More »

tt length on a 17 inch croll?

Posted this in general but figured i would ask here as well anyone know the tt length on a late 90's 17 inch croll mountain bike?Read More »

17 inch croll tt size?

anyone know what the effective tt length on a 17 inch croll mountain is? I appreciate any assistanceRead More »





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