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Feature: I Should Stretch

What are 4 stretches you can do in about 15 minutes that will address cycling specific muscle tightness?  Try this for 2 weeks and do it 3-4 times a week.  Feel the difference?  I bet you will.   Read More »

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Crescent Lake?

I'm headed to Crescent lake on Sunday. 7/14 Anyone available to give a tour? Around 9 AM I'm flexible on the start time. Thanks, Bryan.Read More »

Crescent Mountain/3 Pyramids Trail

Hey all, I'm curious if anyone has ridden this trail lately. [url=http://www.summitpost.org/crescent-mountain/154836]Crescent Mountain[/url]. This is only part of it. It's off highway 20, pretty close to the top of MRT. I rode it a couple of times several years back. All I remember is th ... Read More »

Displaced Az rider looking for DH/FR in Crescent city

Wow , Im back in Crescent city after 15 years of living in Arizona (phoenix) I had some of the best dh/fr in the world and am totally addicted to it, problem is I have moved back to where I was born and lived for 39 years and as far as I can tell there is no Dh/fr anywhere to be found . Now I know t ... Read More »

Crescent Mountain Trail?

Was out xc skiing near the upper the end of the MRT and skied up to the trail head for the Crescent Mountain Trail. Sign at TH says it is open to MTBs, looking at the topo, it looks pretty gnarly, but could be awesome, 7.3 miles one way. Any one know anything about it?Read More »

Crescent City Rides

Going to be in the Crescent City area around Thanksgiving and I was thinking to trying the Ossagon Trail out, weather premitting. Anybody ridden it lately? Any other good rides in the area?Read More »

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