News: Mark Weir breaks pelvis and sacrum in freak accident

Mark Weir and four buddies tried to move a half-fallen tree out of the trail. As they tried to push it out of the way, a supporting branch crumbled and the tree came crashing down from twenty feet high. Mark tried to scramble out of the way but the tree smashed him and broke his pelvis and sacrum.   Read More »

Tour de Peninsula Shapes up as Most Popular in Years

  San Mateo - One of the longest-running cycling events in the Peninsula, the Tour de Peninsula Presented by Raleigh Bicycles and Talbot's Cyclery, will take place August 5th, and this year early entry figures at 'The Dirty Shirt Ride' suggest 2012 will be a big year. What started out 21 ...    Read More »

Norco News November - Dreaming and Cross Training

Dreaming and Cross Training Well, the season is finally wrapping down. Sure there are still a few Cross races going on, but by in large if you are still pedaling, it is probably for fun. Sadly, depending on where you live, you may have even put away your bike for the year. That’s already ha ...    Read More »

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Coyote 29ers

Hi. Are the coyote 29ers any good the ones I've seen/like are the Coyote highway, turnpike and freeway are these any good if not what other 29ers could I get for 300 cheersRead More »

Coyote Classic (Avimore) Lost GoPro

Hey if anybody found a lost GoPro this weekend at Avimore, please PM me. It was lost on the CAT-1 sport loop most likely between Sheep Rock and top of Spring Valley Creek. My buddy, (Alliekat on this forum) was riding with it and it broke away from the stem mount.Read More »

Coyote Hill 2013

Coyote Hill is coming up on May 26 (Memorial Day weekend) - should be a fun race. Who's in? [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

"No Parking" at Coe's Coyote Creek / Gilroy Hot Springs Road

Has anybody had any issues with parking at the end of Gilroy Hot Springs Road? The whole road is "no parking", strictly speaking, but parking at the end of the road has been going on for years. If you keep your wheels off the pavement and don't block the gate, it was "informally OK". A friend got ... Read More »

Coyote Springs Ride!! / Hosted by SNMBA (Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association)

This is an opportunity to ride the [I]professionally designed and built[/I] [B]private[/B] mountain bike park of [B]Coyote Springs[/B]. Last ride had nearly 100 Mountain Bike Riders in attendance! It was a Tailgating joy at the trail head. So bring your BBQs, some music and good cheer. The terrain h ... Read More »

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