Cotic BFe sizing

Anybody out there ride a cotic BFe? There is one several hours away for sale but it is a small. Usually mediums in any bike fit me reasonably well. My back cant handle being stretched out. I am ~5ft 9in. Unfortunately its not a bike you can go demo here in the US. If I get it I will build ... Read More »

Kona Steely frame info ... how does it compare to 456, Ragley pigs, Cotic?

I've finally admitted to myself that my CinderCone is a bit too stiff for my liking ... geo is spot on of me ... just too stiff. The Steely looks to fill the bill pretty good ... geo based around a 67* HTA @ 130mm Can someone comment on the frame, as all the infomation is on the whole bike & it's ... Read More »

Cotic BFE or ?

Well I’m about to pull the trigger and order a Cotic BFE, but I’m wondering if you guys have any another suggestions beside the BFE. It’s going to be mostly used for XC riding along with small jumps 4-5 ft drops and just ripping through the streets like a hooligan. I really like the versatility ... Read More »

Would you put these parts on a Cotic Solaris?

Hey Guys, I just joined the 29er movement and ordered a new Cotic Solaris frame after many years on a steel inbred 26er. Here's the frame colour (in proto mode) [url=]Singletrack Magazine | Fresh Goods Friday 150[/url] Here's the b ... Read More »

Cotic BFe/any impressions.

I saw this bike in another post, and really like it. Anybody else have one, and what can you tell me about it's ride qualities. Thanks.:)Read More »

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All Mountain Full Suspension

Hemlock 5
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XC Hardtail

Simple 4.67
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Soda 4.33
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