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Cosmic Ray and Traildoc Joint Venture on User Built Trail Custom Maps

Today trialdoc maps and Cosmic Ray Fat Tire signed a joint venture to produce the best user built trail map that Sedona has seen to date. I have been working on this idea for months and today Cosmic Ray and I decided to make it a reality. I have all the user built trail Intel and Cosmic has the ... Read More »

1993 Klein Attitude Cosmic

So here it is. I have found out more about it. The fella I bought it from raced road bikes in the mid to late 80's and was friends with a Klein Factory Road Racer who also worked for Klein. About 1995, Joe(the guy I bought it from), wanted to get a bike he could ride around his newly acquired ... Read More »

Cosmic Ray's Fat Tire Arizona

My friend has set himself a goal, and I have adopted it. The premise is simple enough: Ride every trail system in Cosmic Ray's Fat Tire Arizona book. We don't have to ride every trail in every loop, but we have to ride something on every page of the book. With the exceptions of the longer rides, ie: ... Read More »

Oldest Edition of Cosmic Ray Guide?

How 'bout oldest copy of Cosmic Ray? Oldest I have is 4th Edition, looks like it was printed in 1990. Anyone got one of the originals? I think they came out in 1988 [img]http://www.steelmonkeyaz.net/webstuff/fattire_4thed.jpg[/img]Read More »

Cosmic Ray was right

I should have listened to that part about mountain biking being hazardous. I was originally wih a friend but his bike broke down and he took off. then I crashed and burned today on my mountain bike. Hit soft sand and went down slamming my left forearm and ribs into the ONE big rock sticking up in ... Read More »



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