Sneak Peak - Marin 2013 Mount Vision XM8 and Cortina CX

At the recent Downieville Classic Race and Festival, Mtbr was on hand to snap a few spy photos of two new 2013 models from Marin Bicycles. Shown here are the Mount Vision XM8 and the Cortina cyclocross bike with disc brakes. We will have more info on the complete line-up of new Marin bikes at the ...    Read More »

2014 Marin Bikes - More 27.5 Mountain Bikes

Marin Bikes shows their new bike line-up for 2014 including several new 27.5 models and several new women's specific bikes. Check them out here.   Read More »

2013 Trek Fuel EX Review

Photos Copyrighted by Sterling Lorence and Dan Milner. Mtbr was given the opportunity to ride the 2013 Trek Fuel EX in the rocky trails of the Dolomite mountains in Cortina, Italy. What we found was a bike that was more highly evolved and more capable than its predecessor. The new Fuel has  more ...    Read More »

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New 2013 Mount Vision XM8 and Cortina CX

Spotted recently at Downieville....more pix and info here: [url=]Sneak Peak – Marin 2013 Mount Vision XM8 and Cortina CX | Mountain Bike Review[/url]Read More »


We have planned a trip for 2 weeks of mountian biking in the Dolomites. We are going to stay in Val Gardena for 10 days and then we were thinking of going to Cortina for 4 days. However, I've read most of the single track around Cortina is off limits to mountain bikes and just reserved for foot tr ... Read More »

Cortina d'Ampezzo -> thoughts?

Has anybody done any biking around Cortina d'Ampezzo? A while ago Bike Magazin had an interesting article on the area, where it [I]looked[/I] like the riding would be fun with some spectacular scenery to boot... After I did a little researching this morning it sounds like there's no fun to be had u ... Read More »

Looking at a used DJ/ Street bike... opinions please...CORTINA

well im a noob here... thanks in advance:thumbsup: looking for a new DJ/street bike. was looking at a cannondale chase, or a specialized p series.... still debating on a single speed vs 8 came across this some specs vs the picture are different.... i also have a set of plant x kni ... Read More »

XC MTB in Dolomites, Lake Garda, Cortina, Val Gardena

Hi guys, I will be heading to Italy in late June for 9 days. I want to climb some via ferrata, and do some MTB. Cortina seems to be the place to go for Via ferrata, and I'll be heading there for about 4 days. That leaves 5 for a mountain biking location. I hear there is [I]some[/I] mount ... Read More »

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DH-8 4.3
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DHExtreme 99 4.5
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Slalom 4.83
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