Five cool, new bar and stem combos from Sea Otter

More manufacturers follow Easton’s lead on 35mm bar and stem combinations in our round up of cool, new cockpit set-ups seen at Sea Otter.    Read More »

Bike Check #1: Nine cool bikes from pre-Sea Otter rides

Sea Otter starts today and we kick off our coverage with a bike check of bikes some of our industry friends are riding this weekend. Keep a sharp eye peeled and you may see some previously unreleased new product.   Read More »

13 Cool, New Urban Cycling Picks From Interbike

From fixies to commuters to street mountain bikes to e-bikes, the “urban cycling” moniker covers a wide swath of riding formats and product. This baker’s dozen highlights some of the cooler things we saw.   Read More »

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Looking for a cool cross bike for some commuting schralp. :)

Hi im looking for a bit of help please. :) I'm a total newb in regards to CX bikes but what I do know is I would rather use a CX bike rather than a full blown road bike as my commute consists of some nice bits of single track and off road strung together with road sections. I have been riding MTB' ... Read More »

OT-And you thought it was cool to view mtb from these things

RC Coptercam over Niagra Falls. Check out the view point along the guardrail! Yikes :eekster: [url=]DJI Phantom Video Contest - Niagara Falls - YouTube[/url]Read More »

When you find that odd bike and it is too cool to pass up!!

Last night I visited a friends place he was getting ready stuff ready for his garage sale this weekend. He had a bike in the sorted area. I asked how much he wanted for it.....paid him 10 bucks. I will post pictures of it later on. What caught my eye on this was that it had hardly any rust, all orig ... Read More »

Biker bars and other cool stops

Other wise known as the "Hop and Trail " Thread. Being New to biking were enamored with finding new destinations to now go sometimes as much as we are for the actual riding experience. Case in point. We have a couple flat bike trails around us made from old abandoned RR grades. Lets face it th ... Read More »

Cool new bottle opener!

So my gf got me this cool bottle opener, made from a recycled chain and chain ring. Chain is completely flexible and just like any chain, needs to be lubed to keep the rust off! And I can also recommend the Hop Head Read, extremely smooth, slightly sweet, not so bitter IPA. [URL=http://s2.photob ... Read More »

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