Contour Contour+2 Video Camera

Contour is here with their latest! And it's a good thing there's someone competing with the GoPro domination as consumers will suffer with overpaying for product and lack of features if there's no competition. The biggest benefit of Contour is it feels like a real camera. It's an electronic devi ...    Read More »

Contour's New Mount Kits

CONTOUR’S NEW MOUNT KITS OFFER VARIETY OF MOUNTING OPTIONS FOR CAPTURING LIFE’S EPIC MOMENTS Innovative Mount Kits and New ROAM Watersports Kit Makes it Easy to Capture Rich Video - From Anywhere SEATTLE, WASH. – May 1, 2012 – Contour, Inc. (, the company that makes it easy to ...    Read More »

Just In: Pearl Izumi X Project 1.0 Mountain Bike Shoe

It’s been a long time in development, but we finally have a production version of the much-ballyhooed Pearl Izumi X Project mountain bike shoes in our hands. Read on to hear about our initial impressions and what they really weigh.   Read More »

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Tripod mount Contour Roam 2 onto Magicshine helmet mount?

I have a Magicshine 808E I use often, so I just leave the helmet mount on my helmet. I have a new Contour Roam 2, and I was thinking the most secure and easy way to mount it would be on that. I was thinking a tripod mount that'll tighten so the camera doesn't turn and a similar oring wrap-around l ... Read More »

Contour Roam/2

Ok I just got my contour and I successfully updated the Roam 2 firm ware. Yeah me!! Some quick questions for a challenged mind... 1. How can I import videos to I photos, it won't recognize mp4 2. Is there a way to modify videos to email a smaller file 3. Can you message videos? Thanks! DamienRead More »

Contour Roam

tested out the Contour Roam and was quite impressed with it so far. on/off switch is pretty slick, only issue is that there is no live screen, so you have to know your general area before filming. here are two short 8 min clips mounted to my handlebar for examples: [url= ... Read More »

Contour Roam2 cameras on The Clymb discounted and also 30% off!

Crazy good deal of you are in the market for a Contour Roam2 right now. The Clymb has them for a couple days until they sell out... and now I just got an email with a promo code for 30% off. That's from $60 to $90 off depending on the kit you get. Invite: [url] ... Read More »

Turn your Contour Roam into a Contour Roam 2.

Picked up one of the Contour Roams on Amazon (the watersports kit version) and I've liked it so far, but I wanted better, so I modded the stock firmware to record 720p @ 60fps (versus the stock recording of 720p @ 30fps). Messing around, and comparing the differences between the Roam 1 and Roam 2 ... Read More »

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