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918XC.com Joins Hammerhead Bikes

918XC.com & Hammerhead Bikes Have Merged 918XC.com of Tulsa, OK, is pleased to announce that we have entered into a merger agreement with Hammerhead Bikes of Austin, TX Hammerhead  was founded as a local high-end bike shop in 2001 in the Austin, TX by then owner, Charles Coker.   It became k ...    Read More »

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Coker Wheelman

Anyone have any info about these? I found this on craigslist today for $75. It has 36" and 12" wheels and it freewheels It was made by Coker Tire Co. and says "The Wheelman Chattanooga, TN" on the headbadge. I'm wondering when they produced this model. It's a blast to ride and makes a l ... Read More »

Really strong Coker wheel

The unicycle guys are nuts [url]http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albup39[/url]Read More »

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Enduro Compare-O



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