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CODA Magic Motorcycle Bottom Bracket tool needed to buy or borrow.

I had one forever in my tool box--which was stolen a few months ago. I need to borrow one or buy one. Just let me know.Read More »

CODA Magic Motorcycle Bottom Bracket tool needed to buy or borrow.

The title says it all. I had one--it was stolen and now I need another one. If anyone has one to sell or will let me borrow--I will be most grateful.Read More »

Vintage Cannondale Coda Force 40 cantilever brakes

FYI, I have a set of these vintage brakes I found in my attic all in a plastic bag, sort of a barn find for bikes. Great for a vintage bike if you are looking. I am going to sell them. This is what they are like [URL="http://www.vintagecannondale.com/cannondale/tech/Force%2040%20Instructions. ... Read More »

How do I take out the cartridge bearing from my rear hub (Coda Expert)?

I have a Cannondale F900SX equipped with the Coda Expert cartridge bearing rear hub, pretty old bike. I feel that the rear hub is not that smooth so I am trying to change out the bearings. I took off the brake rotor, the cassette and all the rubber seals. I read someone saying to tap from the no ... Read More »

How to replace the bearing on Coda Expert Cartridge Bearing (Rear wheel hub)

I have a '01 F900SX, which has the Coda Expert Cartridge Bearing in the rear wheel hub. There is no play it doesn't rotate very smoothly. Not grinding, but a bit notchy. I opened up the dust caps and saw that all the ball bearings are good. With such an old bike, I really want to kinda change the ... Read More »


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