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New Kickstarter Project Aims to End Bicycle Theft

Santa Cruz, Calif. - Admit it. You still miss that bicycle someone stole years ago. You never really got over it. And if you’ve been riding a bike long enough, you’ve got two or three stolen bicycles to mourn. A team of two-wheel enthusiasts feels your pain. They’re on a mission to end the scourg ...    Read More »

New Bicycle Frame Light Boosts Safety, Fun Factor

Newest Essential Gear for Winter Bicyclists Boosts Safety, Fun Factor $25 Bike Safety Light Makes Any Bicycle Frame Glow Santa Cruz, Calif. - As the days grow shorter, there’s a much bigger chance of bicycling in the dark, in the rain, and in the fog. Experienced bike commuters, road racers, and ...    Read More »

Nica News May

Our Vice President, Ben Capron, said something which really resonated with me: "There's a lot of talk about the meaning of life, but not much talk about what it means to feel alive" (which Ben credited to a similar quote/source). Like anyone, I can spend days without any real exercise beyond cl ...    Read More »

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Anyone every tried a COBB plus drt saddle?

I'm looking at getting a new seat on my mtb, and I saw that COBB saddles got a 5 star review in Mountain Bike Action magazine. I mean, they were raving over the thing. I know they just don't dish 5 stars out to anything...so I wanted to check on here and see if anyone has had any experience with o ... Read More »

is the Cobb Mansion (lower merril) haunted?

[url]http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-cobb-estate-20110801,0,4211460.story[/url] la times story about the anniv of saving the estate from development but neglects to mention the estate's past. [url]http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090511185450AAwXkRd[/url] pic from stran ... Read More »

Cobb DRT saddles

Has anyone tried the [URL="http://www.cobb-drt.com/"]Cobb DRT saddles?[/URL] I have a V-Flow Max on my road bike and love it, especially for long rides. Now that they're making MTB saddles, I'm intrigued. Anyone try one yet?Read More »

koobi-centry or cobb-plus drt

Wanting to get one of those seats that takes the pressure off of the perineum nerve... I get numb junk after long rides.. :eekster: So looking to see if anyone has any thoughts on these seats.. koobi -[URL="http://www.koobi.com/koobiprscentury.aspx"]century [/URL] cobb cycles- [URL="http:// ... Read More »

Highline state park or James M cobb fruita section

my boyfriend and i are coming to fruita for 5 nights oct. 4th the 9th which campground is better for tent camping, we just want somewhere nice with showers, which has more privacy and is best getting to the trails........Read More »

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