Clif Announces Chocolate Cherry Shot Bloks

Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chew Releases Category First Flavor Chocolate Cherry Emeryville, Calif., October 23, 2012 – Clif Shot Bloks®, the market-leading energy chew for performance athletes announced today a category-first flavor, Chocolate Cherry, available now at select specialty retail stores nat ...    Read More »

CLIF Bar’s Popular Seasonal Flavors Return for 10th Holiday Season

Sentimental Flavor Favorites Give Back with Donation to Protect Our Winters Emeryville, Calif., October 2, 2012 – CLIF® Bar’s highly anticipated seasonal flavors are back for the 10th consecutive holiday season. Throughout the decade, CLIF Bar has helped get athletes in the holiday spirit with limi ...    Read More »

CLIF Bar's Meet the Moment Campaign Protects the Outdoor Places We Play

2nd Annual CLIF Bar Campaign Pledges $100,000 to Protect the Places We Play Meet the Moment Program Empowers Fans to Celebrate, Share and Inspire Moments of Outdoor Adventure Emeryville, Calif. - CLIF® Bar’s Meet the Moment program today invites outdoor enthusiasts to inspire and be inspired, empo ...    Read More »

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Granola bars, Gu gel, Clif bars....when?

I have been riding pretty consistant for about a year now and my rides are getting longer. I have been dabbing into energy suppliments such as GU gel and Nature valley granola bars. I have been using GU gel with good results. A few weeks ago I was on about a 3 hour ride covering just over 20 miles. ... Read More »

Switching from Clif to homemade something?

I like the Clif product but am getting a bit tired of them and they seem too sugary and the arsenic study is a bit of a concern. I'd like to start making a homemade gel or something. What would you recommend? Also, what a good easy to clean container?Read More »

88 cent Clif Bars at Fred Meyer thru Saturday

Clif Bars dropped to 88 cents this week at Fred Meyer for their 89th Anniversary Sale. They will be 88 cents thru Saturday ! GOOD LUCK !!!Read More »

fueling 100 mile clif shot bloks vs jello

Hi have a 100 miler in a month and trying a few diffrent energy products latest being Clif shot blok chews but to be honest they look and taste like jello thats straight out of the box is there any major advantage to them? I know there is caffeine but can get that from other products. Jello is ... Read More »

Mix and Match Clif Shotblocks, How to Carry?

I like to use Clif Shot Bloks as part of my fueling plan. However, I like to mix them up. For instance, instead of eating 3 of the same kind, I like to have 1 that is normal, 1 with extra sodium, and 1 with a touch of caffeiene. I find that 3 with the caffeine makes me pee too much but I like a litt ... Read More »

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