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Cinelli Sentiero Vintage

Found this in my parent's garage sitting there for about 6 months. Thinking of craigslisting it so I could get some money for it if possible :) What do you guys think?Read More »

How the heck do you remove Cinelli Bar Tape?

I had an OTB incident a while ago which munged up my bar tape good, and little did I know the Cinelli tape would be almost impossible to remove - the tape comes off but the adhesive strip, filled with chunks of the cork strip, does not come off. I've already tried using alcohol, goo gone, and a ... Read More »

1991 Cinelli Argento Vivo mountain bike

Kinda odd attempt at Cinelli to cash in on the popularity of mountain bikes. These were built by Fisher and used a couple of Cinello logo parts such as the seat, bars and stem. Interesting circuit board seat tube graphics. [img]http://mombat.org/ArgentoSide.jpg[/img] [img]http://mombat.org/A ... Read More »

Cinelli Jelly Tape

Anyone tried this stuff on their bars? I'm still having issues with my hands (have for many years) even with Ergon GX-1 grips...though they have helped some. I'm thinking ESI grips but was also thinking of trying gel bar tape when I came across this stuff [IMG]http://www.cinelli-usa.com/images/jell ... Read More »

1990 Cinelli The Absolute Machine

Does anyone out there have any info on these? I know the 1992 Cinelli bikes were designed by Fisher and used some Fisher labeled parts. This bike pre-dates those bikes. This one came from a parts wholesaler in the US so I am not 100% sure if these were imported/made? Either way, it is a very p ... Read More »


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