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Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival 2010

I attended the first morning of the 2010 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival in Leadville just the day before the Leadville 100 bike was to take place (Levi won). The 3 day event (Fri-Sun) was smaller than last year’s proceedings, which took place in Denver at the National Western Complex. The weather ...    Read More »

DealerCamp Looking Totally Dialed

DealerCamp™ Looking Totally Dialed Just a few exhibitor and subsidized retailer spots remain Laguna Niguel, CA--With three weeks to go until Lifeboat Event's inaugural DealerCamp™, final plans for the event are taking shape. This innovative outdoor demo and expo event for bicycle suppliers and ...    Read More »

Commencal USA Unveils Total Choice™ to Bike Shops, Consumers

Santa Fe, NM - May 3, 2010 - Prospective Commencal buyers should prepare themselves for a case of whiplash this spring. Prices on Commencal's top models of complete bikes have just fallen by an average of 15 percent. But lower pricing is only part of the story. Commencal wants to give customers the ...    Read More »

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Cinelli Sentiero Vintage

Found this in my parent's garage sitting there for about 6 months. Thinking of craigslisting it so I could get some money for it if possible :) What do you guys think?Read More »

How the heck do you remove Cinelli Bar Tape?

I had an OTB incident a while ago which munged up my bar tape good, and little did I know the Cinelli tape would be almost impossible to remove - the tape comes off but the adhesive strip, filled with chunks of the cork strip, does not come off. I've already tried using alcohol, goo gone, and a ... Read More »

1991 Cinelli Argento Vivo mountain bike

Kinda odd attempt at Cinelli to cash in on the popularity of mountain bikes. These were built by Fisher and used a couple of Cinello logo parts such as the seat, bars and stem. Interesting circuit board seat tube graphics. [img]http://mombat.org/ArgentoSide.jpg[/img] [img]http://mombat.org/A ... Read More »

Cinelli Jelly Tape

Anyone tried this stuff on their bars? I'm still having issues with my hands (have for many years) even with Ergon GX-1 grips...though they have helped some. I'm thinking ESI grips but was also thinking of trying gel bar tape when I came across this stuff [IMG]http://www.cinelli-usa.com/images/jell ... Read More »

1990 Cinelli The Absolute Machine

Does anyone out there have any info on these? I know the 1992 Cinelli bikes were designed by Fisher and used some Fisher labeled parts. This bike pre-dates those bikes. This one came from a parts wholesaler in the US so I am not 100% sure if these were imported/made? Either way, it is a very p ... Read More »

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