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Chumba XCL Review

No, not Chumba Wumba, Chumba Racing! Chumba has been known for producing high-quality, downhill rigs. But finally, they've created a bike for the rest of us XC riders and freeriders who want to climb as well as descend what the trail has to offer.   Read More »

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Chumba Wumba

Ok who's familiar with the Chumba forum the most? I got this yesterday : User : Craigstr [I]Seems a couple of threads in the chumba forum are getting out of hand, lots of name calling and inappropriate pictures etc. I've been watching it for a few weeks, something needs to be done, threads locked ... Read More »

Chumba Wumba "Zulu" (?) from 2001...

Such a thing exist, anyone got pics?Read More »

Have a question about old Chumba(Wumba)

Hello, chumba fans! Please, tell me more about this old frame. For what type of riding was designed this frame, how much travel he have and about geo.Read More »

found a chumba wumba DSL

i was in a bike swap store a week ago and came across a dsl frame in red with the old deacls its super cheap $200 cdn ... but when i picked it up for a closer look the top tube is super short .... i messured it at 18 inchs .. is this a one off or a kids bike ? anyone know ? the website says 22.somet ... Read More »

Chumba Wumba Zulu frame ?

Looking at a 2003 Chumba Wumba Zulu frame for DH riding, no racing. Wondering if anyone knows anything about the frame - good or bad ? ThanxRead More »

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