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Chumba Racing USA - Cane Creek Double Barrel Promotion

Following on from the success of the VF2, CHUMBA is now offering the excellent Cane Creek Double Barrel (CCDB) rear shock as an upgrade over the existing Fox RP23 shock through select dealers and distributors. The VF2 frame, with it’s carbon back end, retails for $1,850. However, for a limited time ...    Read More »


CHUMBA RACING -CANE CREEK DOUBLE BARREL REAR SHOCK TUNING PROGRAM November 1st, 2009 The Story This whole project started because customers asked if the VF2 was capable of being more than just an XC bike and if they could improve upon the RP23 that was fitted to the VF2. Awhile back, Ted Tanouye, he ...    Read More »


CHUMBA RACING NEW PRODUCT FEATURE – CANDY RED VF2 BUILD Hydroformed top tube - no welds across top of tube for seamless shaping and molding of tube unlike monocoque pieces that need to run a huge weld on the horizontal axis of the tube often resulting in less precise alignment. Compare to older ...    Read More »

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Chumba Racing VF2 650B experiment

It starts with a mad science sort of laugh…. [IMG]http://r-c-s.ca/images/IMGP2691.JPG[/IMG] What is this guy doing? [IMG]http://r-c-s.ca/images/IMGP2692.JPG[/IMG] A thin spacer sets everything in motion… [IMG]http://r-c-s.ca/images/IMGP2693.JPG[/IMG] No mods required her ... Read More »

Knolly Endorphin vs Chumba Racing XCL

I'm heavy (215lbs) and love the feel of my downhill bike. I'm looking for a good option for replacing my noodly flexy ironhorse MKiii before it breaks on me. I've only had it for a year and it's been relegated to riding from car to class at my college. Anyone have a good feel for the these bikes? ... Read More »

After 20 years off the bike I just purchased a Chumba Racing 29 inch Mountain Bike

Hi, I've just, after 20 years off the bike picked up a 29 inch Mountain Bike and have started riding again. I've been riding it to and from work - about 15 miles each way for a month and last night I strapped the ay-up lights on and took to the trails for a night ride. I have to say, the tra ... Read More »

New Chumba Racing Jersey Sneak Peak

Chumba Racing Team Member Jake Payne sporting new Chumba Racing Jersey...coming end of March... Come join the Chumba Racing Team or our Grass Roots Racing Team...Read More »

Chumba Racing returns to Arizona!

The CHUMBA demo tour is back to unleash our stable on your favorite ride spots for a second time in the wonderful state of Arizona! Be sure to stop on by at the following locations and demo a bike or just hang out with us for a bit. We will be out in our 40 foot CHUMBA demo trailer (can't miss it) a ... Read More »

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Chumba Racing Product Categories

29er Hardtail

HX2 4.86
7   Reviews
$ 2749.00

Freeride Hardtail

HX1 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 5485.00

XC Full Suspension

VF2 4.38
13   Reviews
$ 6495.00
XCL 4.5
44   Reviews




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