Compare-O Bottom Line: Rocky Mountain Altitude brings full-tilt, all-mountain attitude

If we gave out a Chuck Norris award the 2014 Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition would win by a tractor pull.    Read More »

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: For The Tech Geek Rider

We have compiled some gift suggestions for the cycling tech geek on your list. For those who like to record, analyze and share their epic adventures.   Read More »

Random Awesome: Serendipity Abounds in the Halls of Interbike

Getting a feel for the personality and personalities of the bike industry doesn't take long at a show like Interbike. We thought we'd give you a glimpse by taking you for a stroll through the aisles...   Read More »

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presta valve chuck for air compressor

I can't get my 29'er tubeless rear tire to re-seal after a flat. I saw a bike mechanic's set-up and he had a presta valve chuck attached to his air compressor. I asked where I could buy one and he didn't know. I guess he wants me to bring the tire to him to fix. Anyone have any ideas about this? I'v ... Read More »

Karate Monkey: Chuck Taylor of Modern Mt Bikes?

The KM is having a good long run, and when thinking about it, I couldn't think of a peer in the "Chuck Taylor" of mt bikes category. I know, like we need another 'category', but since the 29er era got going, this seems like the one constant. How do you guys see it? I'd go a step further and give ... Read More »

To those who have made Chuck Lennon what it is today.

Thank you for the most fun I've had in a long time. That is an awesome trail. I haven't been on a single track in nearly 25 years when I was a young boy riding my BMX on the local motorcycle trails. Chuck Lennon was 100 times more fun than that ever was. I got my new Airborne Skyhawk Friday, got ... Read More »

Cheap Presta Chuck that works great!

Just thought I would share this in case someone else is looking for a chuck for presta valves. All my bikes are presta now so I searched and decided just to do this rather than buy all kinds of parts . Forgive me if this has been done before but I searched and didnt find anyone doing it this way. ... Read More »

This tire chuck made going tubeless sooooo easy...

Picked up the bike last night, pulled the wheels today and converted the Racing Ralphs and DT Swiss Tricons in half the time it's taken me to do other wheels/tires. All because of this little tire chuck from Sears: [img] ... Read More »

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