ENVE & Chris King Win Highly Competitive 2012 Eurobike Awards

August 29, 2012 – Ogden, UT, USA – ENVE is pleased to announce the receipt of two Eurobike Awards which will be on display in a special exhibition in the Foyer West on the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Grounds. The Eurobike Award is a renowned seal of quality in the bicycle industry and is granted b ...    Read More »

New Stuff from Chris King

2012 has been a fantastic year here at Chris King. The Portland summer has been mild and sunny with heaps of good riding both on and off road. All of these things have been good for our collective state of mind, and we find ourselves energized, relishing these long awaited summer days and nights. We ...    Read More »

Chris King 2011 Commuter Results

The results from our commuter rewards efforts have been calculated for 2011. Another great year of promoting bicycle transportation and even better rewards from our boss, Chris King. The extra days off are always nice but it's those cafe credits that make each commute day even more sweet. 2011 Co ...    Read More »

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Spam: Enve AM wheelset... Chris King ISO (pewter) to Enve AM carbon rims

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=87822]DREAM 29er WHEELSET! Enve AM carbon rims to Chris King ISO hubs... trade for Surly Krampus size large? - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url] [URL=http://s6.photobucket.com/user/detail/media/null_zps78baef51.jp ... Read More »

Chris king 15mm

I just purchased a set of wheels with king hubs. I need to convert the front hub to 15mm. There are 2 parts listed when I serch this. The thru axle conversion and the clamp. Do I need both peices? CAn I do with out the clamp?Read More »

Chris King Headset for new Goblin?

Just took my new Goblin out for the 1st ride. Great ride and a terrific build package - with a few short comings. The brand name components are great, but the Airborne branded parts are a bit lacking. I'm planning on holding off on upgrading most of the parts, but the headset has to go. The rubber ... Read More »

Chris King R45?

Just curious, I'm not in the market for new wheels, I am loving my carbon rims on CK ISO hubs. However, with the existence of cyclecross going to disk brakes and CK having R45 ISO hubs, was wondering if anyone is building up and running new, lighter CK built wheels? I know with those hubs one is li ... Read More »

SPAM: Chris King Wheelset 15qr & 142x12 to Stan's Flow EX wheelset, RED and BLACK

[url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=87444&title=chris-king-29er-wheelset-red-chris-king-15qr-front-142x12mm-rear-to-stans-flow-ex-rims-w-dt-swiss-competition-spokes-3x-all-black-and-red-ano&cat=10]Chris King 29er Wheelset! Red Chris King 15qr front/142x12mm rear to Stans Flow EX ... Read More »

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Chris King Product Categories


Ti Headset 4.14
8   Reviews
$ 259.00


King Discotek Rear 32 Hole 4.33
18   Reviews
$ 339.00
King Front Hub 32 Hole 3.4
4   Reviews
$ 179.00
King Rear Hub 32 Hole 3.22
12   Reviews
$ 339.00
Single Speed Hubs 4.34
24   Reviews
$ 539.00
Tandem Hubs 1
1   Reviews
$ 379.00

Older Headsets

2Nut 5
1   Reviews
$ 129.00
Perdido 5
1   Reviews


Hub Tool 5
3   Reviews
$ 69.00


Classic Mountain 0
0   Reviews
Disc Mountain 5
5   Reviews
King Classic Wheelset 5
4   Reviews



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