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Clif Announces Chocolate Cherry Shot Bloks

Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chew Releases Category First Flavor Chocolate Cherry Emeryville, Calif., October 23, 2012 – Clif Shot Bloks®, the market-leading energy chew for performance athletes announced today a category-first flavor, Chocolate Cherry, available now at select specialty retail stores nat ...    Read More »

The Mtbr Best Beer Guide

Beer is one of the common threads that unites many of us mountain bikers. How does one navigate through the roof-high racks of many beer shops? We have a few words of advice and we've recruited a couple experts to help guide you through your journey.   Read More »

Feature: It's Pro to Drink Beer

Here at Mtbr, we are a bit obsessed with beer. Here's professional mountain bike racer, Sonya Looney's top 5 favorite summer beers. What are yours? Give her something new to try!   Read More »

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piranha pit cherry point

Anyone ridden it lately? Conditions? Any group rides? I just moved to morehead and need to ride. PM me if you want to ride or have other trails you want to share with a serious rider. Thanks in advance.Read More »

Found at Cherry Valley

Has to be a local since it was on the Elevator Trail that hardly anyone uses. Lighting battery pack. Describe and it gets back to you. BTW: Trails that have been brushed were awesome and others, brushy. But, will be getting to that soon. TONS of hikers with families, etc doing the out and back to ... Read More »

Broke my Night Riding Cherry...

Wow, that was an experience! Decided to ride a nearby trail that I know well, and decided to ride there from my house... Hate to admit it, but I went down hard on the green belt (sprinklers were on and I came around a corner pretty fast, and the sidewalk was like ice), anyway, after I shook that of ... Read More »

Cherry Valley WP report

YGD and Cyclops got a complete weed whack and leaf blow today and are wide open and ready to roll. Conditions are great and only going to get better. Will focus on Funner and Elevator next. Plenty of hikers at the trailhead probably heading out to the falls and back. Funny how the local shuttle mon ... Read More »

New Cherry Creek bike park

Got lucky today and just happened upon the grand opening of the new bike park below the C-Creek dam. Good stuff! I can't believe how quickly they set it up. Honestly, it's not anywhere near Valmont's professional build. Having said that, though, I was pleasantly surprised by the number and difficult ... Read More »

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