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Check out the new Cheeta build!

Doing a little bike porn here. So here's the latest pile of parts. Kenda tires are crap so I ordered some Vredestein's. I get to break in the new Brooks saddle as I'm giving my old broken-in one to my wife. [LIST] New circa 2002 Cheeta Slalom frame '12 Shimano M778 XT UST wheelset 15qr '11 Ma ... Read More »

Cheeta Proline DH manual

Hallo, I'm in desperate need of a technical manual for the old Cheeta Proline DH frame. Does anyone have a pdf, which you can send me or can you tell me where can I get the manual? I need to replace some sandblasted, broken bearings and therefore the exact dimensions. Thanks a lot in advanc ... Read More »

Cheeta Proline DH Bearing sizes

Hey, i was wondering if any one had an idea on the bearing sizes on the Cheeta Proline DH: : Should be about 2 -3 needle bearings : 2-4 deep grove bearingsRead More »

Cheeta Cycles...

Does anyone have more info on this company, or the bikes? Is it rare or somethin? i know the company went out of business a few years ago, but i cant seem to find anything about em. I bought this frame off ebay in like 2005, and built it from the ground up. Its a bmx cruiser. Also, i have been th ... Read More »


Picked up a proline DH for cheap recently and I've heard you need to run a 42T ring to avoid chain contact with the rear end. True?Read More »



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