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Seven Springs Gravity East Race Report & Results

BEYTAGH & BOURQUE GRAB GRAVITY EAST Seven Springs Downhill Race Report 15 Year Old Phenom Destroys Cat. 1 Women, Just Misses Being Fastest Overall Female June 13, 2010; Champion, PA, USA: A record field of entries came to aptly-named Champion Pennsylvania this weekend for the Seven Springs ...    Read More »

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Team Chainsmoke Under 21 Team Starting

Looking to see what kind of interest there would be for the younger members of the forum to create a Under 21 team. The Team support and atmosphere is great, discounts are nice, and we want to help support some younger riders that are totally stoked about DH. You do not have to be the fastest rider, ... Read More »

If anyone here is on chainsmoke.net please help

I signed up yesterday and have not yet recieved my activation e-mail. If someone could PM the Mods there and ask them to activate TBC-BR account I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!Read More »

searching a trail in chainsmoke one

hi, know someone where is the trail or mountain where palmer in the beginning of the video "chainsmoke one" ride. thanksRead More »

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