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Just In: Catlike Leaf Enduro/All Mountain Helmet

Spanish brand Catlike has a new MTB helmet for 2013 called the Leaf that features an adjustable visor, light and airy design, distinctive styling and best of all it's a bargain!   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Yeti SB95C is a gorgeous high-speed weapon

Captivating looks, big wheels and the simple yet innovative Switch suspension set the Yeti SB95C apart. Take a deep-dive into it’s performance here.    Read More »

All Mountain / Enduro Helmet Shootout

All Mountain helmets have come of age as a new crop of helmets have been introduced that are more optimized for more aggressive descending and Enduro racing. First and foremost, there is more coverage.    Read More »

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Catlike Leaf Helmet

I know it just came out but has anyone tried the Catlike Leaf helmet? I watched the short video on MTBR and it looks to be a pretty nice helmet. I've had a POC Trabec and enjoyed it but am looking to change things up. ThanksRead More »

Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet ????

Is it a good helmet ? It is quite expensive when comparing to others ? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.....Read More »

SPAM: New Medium Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet

[url=http://classifieds.roadbikereview.com/showproduct.php?product=27593]New Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet - RoadBikeREVIEW.Com[/url]Read More »

what is the reason for no Catlike helmets in USA?

So I think the Catlike Whisper Plus helmet is so cool looking. What is the reason they are not sold in the USA? I have heard that they don't meet US safety standards. Is this because they just haven't gone through the necessary hoops to meet them and they don't feel like investing in it? Or is i ... Read More »

Catlike helmets - what's the word on the street?

I'm wanting a new brain bucket, and spotted a roadie wearing an unusual looking lid the other day, and liked it. It turns out it was a Catlike, and I'm thinking of a Diablo in red. It certainly felt nice, with a really good adjuster on it, and a different, back of the head cupping fit on it. Wh ... Read More »

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