I'm almost positive that I saw a Catamount last night. Is this possible? I got a pretty good look.Read More »

Freeride Catamount - Season Ender 2010

We ended the 2010 riding season at Freeride Catamount with a nice group of riders (some new faces and a solid group of regulars), magnificent weather, hero dirt thanks to all the recent rain, and $20 lift tickets. Thanks to everyone that came out and rode this year. Hope you all have a great fall an ... Read More »

Freeride Catamount - $20 Day for Last Riding Day

Hi all, Our 3rd Annual Gravity Challenge was a success again this year. Thanks to everyone that came out to compete in our DH race and Jump Jam. Sunday, October 3rd is our last riding day of the 2010 season. To close out the season right, we are offering $20 lift tickets so please come out and ... Read More »

Freeride Catamount - 3rd Annual Freeride Catamount Gravity Challenge

[b]3rd Annual Freeride Catamount Gravity Challenge - Sunday, September 26, 2010[/b] Racing starts at 11:00 AM - Timed run format on Broken Rake/Cat Track/Skills Park Berms + Jump Jam on Skills Park Table Tops No entry fee but you must purchase a lift ticket - Register at ticket booth in Main L ... Read More »

Freeride Catamount - Change of Operating Days for September to Close

In an effort to appeal to a wider range of riders, we will changing our primary operating days from Saturdays to Sundays starting the weekend of September 5th and ending on October 3rd (the last riding weekend of the 2010 season). We will NOT be open on Saturdays...just Sundays. So this coming Sa ... Read More »


Catamount Product Categories


MFS Frame 4.41
33   Reviews
$ 695.01

Full Suspension Bike

2001 MFS 4.5
3   Reviews
$ 2120.00

Water Carrier

Catcage 3.8
3   Reviews
$ 11.95



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