Castellano Fango

[COLOR="Green"]Does anybody here in 650b land own or have a friend who has tried 650b on a Castellano Fango or even the more classic Ibis Ripley? I think that this bike design may make an interesting XC Racer/Light trekking platform. [/COLOR]Read More »

Castellano Fango/Ibis Ripley for sale in classifieds

I have a Castellano Designs Fango (Ibis Ripley) softail frame posted in the classifieds. It is a sweet ride. Will take reasonable best offer. Robby BennettRead More »

Castellano Designs.

A cool looking do it all bike? Waiting for pricing. Looks tempting. [url][/url]Read More »

Opinion on a Castellano Fango on eBay

Hi guys, I'm new to the forum I was looking through eBay and to my surprise, I found a (from what I'm told rare) 16.5 Castellano Fango. [url][/url] What if your opinion about this frame? Does it look alr ... Read More »


Castellano Product Categories

2003 Full Suspension

Fango 4.87
14   Reviews
$ 995.00

29er Hardtail

Silk Custom Ti 29er 4.33
3   Reviews
Zorro 96er 5
0   Reviews


Fango 5
9   Reviews
$ 995.00



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