Santa Cruz Solo 27.5 Trail Bike with 125mm Travel

Santa Cruz followed up the 150 mm Bronson with this 125 mm travel Solo. It is lighter, lower, not as huckable but should be just as playful.   Read More »

Santa Cruz Bronson Review

Santa Cruz enters the 650b/27.5 wheel size party with the introduction of the 150mm travel Santa Cruz Bronson all mountain bike. While not the first, this product introduction is very significant.   Read More »

2013 NAHBS: Highlights and Winners from Denver

The 2013 NAHBS or North American Handmade Bicycle Show took place in Denver this year, and showcased US and international handmade bicycle frame builders. It encompassed everyone from larger companies, to one-person operations, whom all have the passion and love for handbuilt bikes. The bikes are pr ...    Read More »

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Carver Bikes O'Beast Carbon

[IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [url=]Carbon O'Beast Fork[/url] Model: Carver O-Beast Full Carbon Fork, fits 4.7'' Steerer Tube Lengt ... Read More »

Carver Bikes 29er carbon fork - wow!

Just picked up a Carver Bikes carbon fork for my SIR 9. Today was my second ride on it. Dang!!!!!!!! What an improvement over suspension forks. Felt like I was defying gravity while climbing.Read More »

Carver Bikes is making snow/sand bikes>>>>

Check it out. Not mine, but want one bad. For anyone that doesn't know, Carver Bikes is based out of Bath Maine, and specialize in bigger tire frames 650B, 9'r, 96'r, and snow bikes. Made out of Titanium and uses a 165mm Hadley hub [ATTACH]491442[/ATTACH]Read More »

what's the deal w/ Carver Bikes?

So I've been looking at frames, 650b specific, and I have stumbled on to Carver Bikes and can't understand how they are so cheap. They offer Ti frames for almost half of what most other companies sell them for. How is that possible? are they crap? are they made in china/taiwan? Anyone have any stori ... Read More »

Carver Bikes Product Categories

29er Full Suspension

96er Full Suspension 3
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

29er Hardtail

96er 5
3   Reviews
$ 399.95
96er Ti 5
3   Reviews



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