Carrera Mountain bikes

Hi guys. Just got baking in to biking after 10 years. I have recently bought two Carreras. A kraken hard tail and a limited edition 2010 banshee x. I have noticed that the mags are starting to rate Carreras quite highly. But they still get a slating from most bikers. What are you thoughts.Read More »

carrera centos?

Hey all, so i know what some guys are like with halfords bikes, but i have been riding a Carrea Centos for a while and i reckon it is on par if not outperforming other, higher end models. This is backed up by my recent visit to a few trail centers where i was passing many riders on higher end model ... Read More »

carrera bikes

im looking for a decent but cheap XC/DH/FR bike but i dont want to spend loads of money. iv been told carrera XC bikes are ok to start minor downhillin and crosscountry. what is everyone elses opinion??Read More »

carrera "jabberwock" 2003 magnesium frame

hi,i have just bought a carrera 'jabberwock' 2003 magnesium frame. i am sure the bike has never been used.or any other parts put in pristine condition. when new i gather it was a top spec bike at around the £1500 mark. i am unsure as to what it might be worth now,any ideas please? or indeed an ... Read More »

Carrera Bikes

hi all total noob and i wanan get into mountain biking this summer..and i need some info. ive been doing some research on bikes for the past couple of days now...i need a entry lvl bike and lookin to spend 300-500$ish on a bike. ive been reading up on bike x and y and z and so forth..but someon ... Read More »

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Bike 1998 or Older

Andromeda 4
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$ 1499.00

Full Suspension Bike

1999 Hellcat 4.41
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