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DealerCamp Looking Totally Dialed

DealerCamp™ Looking Totally Dialed Just a few exhibitor and subsidized retailer spots remain Laguna Niguel, CA--With three weeks to go until Lifeboat Event's inaugural DealerCamp™, final plans for the event are taking shape. This innovative outdoor demo and expo event for bicycle suppliers and ...    Read More »

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Carnac Shoes

I’m currently looking for new trail shoes and came across some Carnacs. I’m having trouble finding reviews for them though. Any one here have Carnacs and could offer input on the comfort and quality of them? Appreciate it JakeRead More »

What Shoes is everyone riding these days... Anyone on Carnac's??

What shoes is everyone riding these days...anyone riding on some of the newer Carnac's like their M-3 shoes? It is hard to find any dealers in my area these day( SF Bay Area). My old Carnac Siroccos just died after many years of use. I pick up a pair of Northwaves the fit was okay, but after one ... Read More »

Carnac shoes - would you buy again?

I absolutely loved my Carnac MTB shoes until just recently. They were wide enough in the forefoot, didn't slip in the back, had a stiff sole but a nice grippy tread, and fantasticly comfortable neoprene lining on the parts that touched my foot. But...they came unsewn (in a race, when else?) a co ... Read More »

Randall Scott Cycle Company Announces a Carnac Shoe Sale!

[B]Boulder, CO – July 25, 2006[/B] – Randall Scott Cycle Company, America’s Premier Cycling Company, today announces they will be running a Special, Limited Time Carnac Shoe Sale. Randall Scott Cycle Company has purchased an aggressive quantity of shoes in anticipation of this limited time event. Th ... Read More »

Carnac and Louis Garneau shoes

[FONT=Verdana]Hello all -[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]My Northwave Iguana's are giving up the ghost and it's time to get another pair of shoes. Too bad they don't make the Iguana anymore -- I really liked that shoe. The new Northwave designs look too dorky for me (and cost too much ... Read More »

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Carnac Product Categories


Boreal 236 5
1   Reviews
$ 200.00
M1 0
0   Reviews
$ 172.00


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