Chris Carmichael Seeking 10 Athletes for World's Hardest Mountain Bike Race

(Colorado Springs, CO) - Chris Carmichael, personal coach to Lance Armstrong and founder of Carmichael Training Systems, today officially launched "Chris Carmichael's 10@50". To celebrate Carmichael Training Systems 10th Anniversary and Chris's 50th birthday, he has decided to compete in La Ruta de ...    Read More »

Strider Sports Announces Special Edition Suzuki Strider Bike

Officially Licensed Suzuki Strider No-Pedal Balance Bikes Give Toddlers The Look Of Famous Motocross & Motorcycle Racing Champions Rapid City, SD (Oct. 24, 2012) — Building on the worldwide success of the original STRIDER bike (more than 425,000 sold to date), the new Special Edition Suzuki STRI ...    Read More »

Carmichael Training Systems: Official Training Authority of the Leadville Trail 100

Colorado Springs, CO- Chris Carmichael, founder of Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. (CTS), announced today that CTS will be the Official Training Authority of the Leadville Trail 100 and a sponsor of the full schedule of Leadville Trail 100 events for the next three years (2009-2011). The Leadvi ...    Read More »

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Carmichael Training is open for free

If you're in the Springs and need a place to workout, this was posted on FB earlier. Right on, Carmichael! "Carmichael Training Systems is open for free to the cycling/tri community looking to work out indoors until further notice due to the fire. ... Read More »

Carmichael Training Systems Question?

I have predominatly used Spinervals in the past for winter training. Those of you who use Spinervals are familiar with the fact that Troy tells you gearing / intensity and cadence expectations during each routine. I decided to give the CTS (Carmichael) Mountain Bike video a try. They instruct on ... Read More »

Training zones between Friel and Carmichael's Time Crunched

Anyone else notice the training zone differences between the two books? I worked with TCTP last year. This year I'm cat1 and want to do better in marathon. It took me by surprise how far different the training zone are. I know Carmichael is focused on high intensity but it seems like the zon ... Read More »

Carmichael heart rate values

Did a Field Test and I need to set up some zones, i.e. "Climbing Repeats are 95 - 97 % of your LTHR", etc. Unable to locate my "Time Crunched Cyclist" book. I don't own a power meter ... everything is heart-rate based for me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!Read More »

2010 Carmichael Training Int Classic... Are you kidding me?

So I just went over to Sand Creek Sports website to get some info. on the 2010 Carmichael Training International Classic registration. $105 entry fee for a Cat 2 racer. Are you kidding me? I mean I had fun last year but not $105 worth. Why the bump in price? I was really looking forward to this race ... Read More »

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