How To: Building strength for mountain biking

Professional mountain bike skills instructor Lindsey Voreis shares 8 great moves to get you ready to ROCK on your mountain bike this summer.   Read More »

Pastajet Investigates Desk Exercising

Is Desk Exercising the latest fad to sweep the cycling world? Don't have enough time to hit the real trails? Maybe Desk Exercising is the next fad...or not. You could even call it: "Deskercise".   Read More »

Whistler – Escape the wet Vancouver trails and ride it all!

By Lee Lau and Sharon Bader Whister – Doing it Right – AM, XC, DH The weather this January has been cold and wet. Truly uninspiring riding conditions! Its even too wet to do trail work. Fortunately last weekend we were distracted by the MEC North Shore Bike Fest and Revenge of the Ripper races ...    Read More »

Read More »

Cardio with ankle injury?

I broke my ankle recently, and I'm looking for ideas for cardio while it heals (non-weight bearing for 6 weeks). The weekend biking is usually my only cardio, so I don't have to get too crazy with it. My gym has an upper body ergometer/hand cycle that I've been using, and I'm still hitting the we ... Read More »

cardio and endurance

do i have to jog or get a road bike to improve my cardio and endurance? the reason i ask is on the trail i'm like a sprinter i guess is the best way to describe it, when i'm going i'm hauling tail the best i can, but i have to stop alot to rest my legs or catch my breathe, Hills really get me. Been ... Read More »

Gawdamn Cardio Geezers!

Climbing Stile Ranch today at STCP. Let an old guy go by on flat pedals with reflectors. Never could catch him. I resisted the chase, "Hey, half pace... you got Sea Otter this weekend..." but he putted up that hill like a goat. Even if I would've stepped on it, it probably would've just gotten worse ... Read More »

My Cardio is Really Good

Yesterday I was called by a women from Alberta Canada called MJ. MJ said she went into a bike shop in Canmore, Alberta and told the shop employee she was going to Sedona for a week of mountain biking. The employee told MJ to give the TD a call when she got to Sedona and ask him if he would be able t ... Read More »

Anyone Box at home for cardio work?

Even though I love MTB'ing,..there are so many days that I just cant get out on the trails :mad:. But things should be changing for me at work soon,..hopefully. But as a quick cardio and core strengthening session, (I think Im being inspired by the recent boxing matches on TV), I was wondering if ... Read More »

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