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White Brothers Rock Solid 29er, 650b, Fork Review

Introduction by Francis Cebedo I’ve used several rigid steel forks and carbon forks over the years. There’s nothing like the light weight and steering accuracy of a rigid fork on a 29er. Couple that with a singlespeed and it’s a match made in heaven since all your power translates to forward mov ...    Read More »

The Final Say on Mountain Bike Wheel Size!

All you need to know about wheel sizes and what size is right for you. Norco has embraced the 650b wheel for most of their MTB line. Editor's Note: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpa ...    Read More »

Review: Trek Stache 8 - Rally 29er Hardtail

Here comes the Trek Stache  with its short stays, slack head angle, dropper post eagerness. It is like a trail dog inviting you to play in the forest.   Read More »

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Dear Canfield Brothers.....

Please build a full suspension AM 29er with around the same geo as my nimble nine. Call it the "One niner" That is all, thanks....:thumbsup:Read More »

Canfield Brothers frames

I am new to all this so bear with me. his is NOT a flame against Canfield Bros. Never having heard of them I checked out their webpage. I see a couple of frames in the $400-600 price range. After a build I suppose a couple of grand for a bike. Please educate me: what makes their high end fram ... Read More »

New Canfield Brothers Website is Live!!!

We just launched our new site! New galleries for all our frames, vid galleries, staff profiles and tons of new features in our Webstore. I'm still working on a few final tweaks and imagery, however I'm really stoked to have this launched! Enjoy! [url=http://canfieldbrothers.com/]canfieldbrother ... Read More »

Introducing the Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal!

I'll launch our official press release later this week, Until then, here's a quick rundown of our new pedal... [B] Introducing the Crampon Magnesium Pedal![/B] [ATTACH=CONFIG]782903[/ATTACH] $200 USD Retail Available in Five Colors: Black, Gray, White, Red and Cyan Blue [LIST] [*]282 gr ... Read More »

The NEW Canfield Brothers Nimble 9

[ATTACH=CONFIG]769623[/ATTACH] The Canfield Brothers 29er revolution continues with the ALL NEW Nimble 9. From the start of the redesign of the current Nimble 9, we wanted to give the bike a distinctive look different from what is currently available in chromo hardtails. We wanted to incorporate ... Read More »

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Canfield Brothers Product Categories

29er Hardtail

Nimble 9 4.67
9   Reviews
$ 0.00
Yelli Screamy 4.88
17   Reviews
$ 650.00

All Mountain Full Suspension

The One 4.8
10   Reviews


DJ 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

Downhill Full Suspension

Formula 1 Jedi 5
16   Reviews


9t Microdrive Rear 0
0   Reviews
$ 224.00


Crampon 4.27
11   Reviews
$ 150.00


Direct-Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00


29er 0
0   Reviews
$ 450.00
9t Microdrive 0
0   Reviews
$ 500.00
All Mountain 0
0   Reviews
$ 450.00
DH 0
0   Reviews
$ 450.00




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