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Video: First-Timer Goes Pro, Slays Treacherous Canadian Open DH Course

Allan Cooke isn’t most riders. He recently finished 75th in a field of 108 pro finishers. Not bad when you consider it was his first downhill race... ever.   Read More »

Steve Smith & Casey Brown Fastest at Crankworx Whistler Jeep Canadian Open DH

Casey Brown Fastest Women – Brown and Smith Earn Queen & King Of Crankworx Titles Whistler, BC August 19, 2012 –The Jeep Canadian Open Downhill was a rowdy affair today with an exhausting and technical descent that included running the gauntlet at Heckler’s Rock. With a time of 2:44.80 Steve Sm ...    Read More »

US/Canadian Open at Whiteface DH-MTB Race Course Video & Event Update

Both race organizers, the Whiteface Bike Park crew and Tuf Rack are now referring to this event as the big race, at the big mountain with the big money! And here is why: 01) The big race is on September 7 thru September 9 and will use part of the infamous 5K DH race course with twist! It’s much e ...    Read More »

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advice from american/canadian people please,

hi guys,,,, though strictly not bike related as such im going to ask in here as you guys are a very helpful and friendly bunch,,, we are toying with the idea of renting a pick up for our whistler trip next month, through enterprise in squamish, initially it's just going to be col and myself, bu ... Read More »

Canadian Sleeping Bag Repairs?

I'd like to get down added to a couple sleeping bags I have that are under-filled. I've looked locally [Victoria BC] with no success. Anyone know of a repair service in Canada [saves me the border hassles]?Read More »

Canadian East Coast 9Zero7 Build

Newly built 9Zero7. Will post specs and weight shortly. All images over here: [url=http://smu.gs/12edaql]9zero7 Build 2013 - Photography by Don Ricker[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]809563[/ATTACH]Read More »

Canadian Peugeot

Not sure on the date of this bike but it is early. Great features and groupoRead More »

question to northamerican and canadian riders.

just wanted to ask you nice kind knowledgable folks in the states and canada, how much do raceface next sl 2x10 double cranks go for on yor side of the pond. as some of you know im in the process of building up a endo, im aiming for a light build and am consiering a nex sl crank, i just want to kn ... Read More »

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