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Review: Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR trainer grabs the boring old bike trainer and thrusts it into the tech world with social, virtual and viral features. At its core though, it feels like riding a bicycle.   Read More »

Review: Tate Labs Bar Fly 2.0

Bar Fly 2.0 mount for Garmin Edge computers, with one bolt clamp, two-position interface, user-friendly Derlin plastic construction and lifetime guarantee!   Read More »

Brian Mullin's Walkabout - Sea Otter 2013

This is a short synopsis of my wanderings during the Sea otter 2013 festival, and captures some products that I found interesting...    Read More »

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1992 Mountain Goat Road Goat, Campagnolo (warning: road content)

Nice vintage Road Goat, circa 1992, with 1995 Campagnolo Record components. Paint is in nice condition and it is an interesting combination of colors and pattern. For anyone that follows vintage bikes, the original owner of this bike was recently looking for it. He leant it to a relative who kept ... Read More »

Campagnolo Vento Reaction CX Wheel feedback?

Hey guys, so my summer project this summer is a roadie. I've got a front suspension rockhopper right now that I've rigged up to be my main road ride, but I'm looking to do some serious miles this summer and am looking at parts. Out of curiosity, has anyone used/heard any reviews of: [URL="http: ... Read More »

Campagnolo Zonda Wheel Question

For anyone who uses a Zonda wheelset, what is the biggest tire you can mount on it? I'd like to go 36C - 37C if possible.Read More »

Paid Spam: NOS vintage Tioga, Campagnolo, Salsa

Greetings from the fat bike forum! 'Hope this is acceptable behavior over here - got some parts to clear out: [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=81768&cat=]Vintage Salsa BMX bars, NOS Tioga "hot tips", NOS Campagnolo Strada straps - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and ... Read More »

Will Campagnolo shifters work with shimano cranks? Will shimano cassetes work?

Will shimano cranks and cassettes work with campagnolo shifting and derailling? I was going to mix 105 and veloce.Read More »

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Campagnolo Product Categories


Ghibli Cassettes 0
0   Reviews
$ 216.05
Ultra Drive 9 Speed Cog 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.75
Veloce Ud 10SP Cassette 0
0   Reviews
$ 89.99
Veloce Ud 9SP Cassette 0
0   Reviews
$ 56.00

Component Group

Record 5
2   Reviews
$ 1500.00
Veloce grouppo 4
3   Reviews


Copake Windproof Women's 0
0   Reviews
$ 226.00
Heritage Vest 0
0   Reviews
$ 149.58
La Flandre Waterproof 0
0   Reviews
$ 193.97
McKinley Windproof 0
0   Reviews
$ 201.95
Meteor Waterproof 0
0   Reviews
$ 199.95
Spacehab Windproof 0
0   Reviews
$ 277.95
Tech Motion 0
0   Reviews
$ 147.79


Swift 0
0   Reviews
$ 205.95


Penny Women's 0
0   Reviews
$ 211.95
Penny Women's Knickers 0
0   Reviews
$ 231.95


Silver 0
0   Reviews
$ 92.00




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