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Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival 2010

I attended the first morning of the 2010 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival in Leadville just the day before the Leadville 100 bike was to take place (Levi won). The 3 day event (Fri-Sun) was smaller than last year’s proceedings, which took place in Denver at the National Western Complex. The weather ...    Read More »

Introducing Caffélatex, by Effetto Mariposa

Caffelatex is a new kind of tire sealant. First, Caffelatex includes a foaming agent, called “ActiFoam™.” Caffelatex foams when ridden or shaken filling the tire cavity with the latex sealant. This makes setting up tubeless tires easier because the sidewalls are covered by the foaming sealant. It a ...    Read More »

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Stans vrs. Caffelatex?

So, I've been a fan of Stans fluid for years, but after this last two weeks I'm looking for other options. Stan's Crest rims with Racing Ralph TL tires. 29er if that matters. Totally untrustworthy. Sometimes they hold air. An hour later flat with about 10psi in them. Back seemed to be holding ... Read More »

Caffelatex tubeless rim tap?

Any feedback on how well it works? Say, compared to gorilla tape? ThanksRead More »

WTB TCS or Caffelatex feedback

Looking for an alternative to Stan's that is commercially available. Any feedback on the WTB and Caffelatex systems? Thanx.Read More »

Caffelatex Injector???

I am going tubeless and was going to try the caffelatex product. What's the deal with the injector? Is it truly needed or an "add on" sale?Read More »

Who has installed caffelatex in tubes?

I don't run tubeless. Don't want the hassle and mess. Is anybody out there running caffelatex in their tubes? I already have a bottle of the sealant. Do I really need to buy their special $15 syringe or can I just use one of these bovine size syringes I have and fit a tube and schrader fitting ... Read More »

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