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Who makes the Buzzy's Pollinator shock pump?

I can't find the website anywhere, just places to buy them. I need to contact the manufacturer, anybody know who makes them or who I should contact?Read More »

Anyone have experience with Buzzy's Slick Honey?

I just ordered the 16oz container I was just curious how and where you guys use it. I have fox float fluid for my dust wiper seals but from what I've read Slick Honey sounds like its longer lasting and maybe even better from preventing stiction. Do I just use it on the the slick honey on the seals a ... Read More »

Buzzy's Shock Nectar on a Reba

The LBS gave me a free bottle of this stuff (7wt) and I was going to use it on the lowers (not the damper which gets the stock 5 weight) in place of the stock 15wt that RS recommends (which I don't have any of). Has anyone have any experience with this product when rebuilding RS 32 forks? My alter ... Read More »

buzzy's 2-1 tire pumpQ.???

anyone know if it has a gauge??? its the tire+300psi high pressure shock pump.can't find any photos.....thanks.Read More »

Buzzy's Pollinator pump

Anyone have a Buzzy's Pollinator shock pump? I'll be picking up a new bike soon and will need a pump for it. This is the pump the LBS has in stock. Should I get it or just order a Fox pump online? Within a few $'s either way but want a good one. I looked in the review section and did a search here l ... Read More »


Buzzy's Product Categories


Shock Nectar 0
0   Reviews
$ 27.00
Slick Honey "Stinger" Syringe 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.00
Slick Honey All Purpose Grease 0
0   Reviews
$ 25.00
Slick Honey Tube 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.90


Cross Pollinator 2N1 Shock 0
0   Reviews
$ 33.50
Fly Light CNC'D Aluminum 0
0   Reviews
$ 22.50
Pollinator Shock 0
0   Reviews
$ 34.99




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