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James River Park (Buttermilk) Trail Conditions

Do the buttermilk and other Richmond area rides suffer from freeze/thaw cycles like the NoVa trails do? Have a friend thinking of hitting it after lunch tomorrow, but I suspect it will be every bit as sloppy as the trails up here in NoVa.Read More »

Best place for Maps of Forest Hill Park, Buttermilk, and Surrounding Trails.

Anyone know of a good place to get maps of these trails in Richmond?Read More »

Helmet found in Buttermilk parking lot at Hartshorne.

If you lost a helmet yesterday (7/29) in the Buttermilk parking lot at Hartshorne, shoot me a pm with the brand, color and size and you can have it back.Read More »

Buttermilk Trail Closure - Richmond, VA

Attention: As of 8:00pm this evening James River Park has ordered the section of Buttermilk Heights from the 43rd St Trail Junction west to the next drop in from Riverside Drive closed. There has been a huge land slide that has taken about 10 feet of trail. Consequently it has also weakened anoth ... Read More »



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