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Snapped a Burley Wheel Axle. Scary. Any Upgrade Options?

Last night I was pulling my two daughters on singletrack and I snapped the quick release axle assembly in half on the D-lite wheel. This allowed the wheel to come off and suddenly the trailer was skidding. Fortunately we were climbing, and there were no rocks. I have had the wheel come loose ... Read More »

trailer upgrade burley to chariot??

I have a burley solo right now and it works good. My almost 3 year old daughter and I have put a bunch of miles on it together and we have a great time. I just found a chariot cougar 1 that I am thinking about looking at this weekend. I have read that they are a better trailer than the burley any ... Read More »

Bike Trailer: Burley Nomad vs Croozer Cargo?

So I'm considering planning a MTB tour of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) which spans from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD. Roughly 140 miles each way on rail to trail type road (crushed limestone/gravel), max grade of 1.5% (average <1%). They have a catered tour for this ride, but they only r ... Read More »

Review: Burley Travoy as Post-Apocalyptic Trailer?

[url=http://pathlesspedaled.com/blog/]The Path Less Pedaled[/url]Read More »

burley trailer hitches

I have a burley trailer that I pull my kid with on the weekends. I want to get another one of the standard forged hitches but was hoping not to have to shell out ~$25. Anyone have an alternative? Ever see a hitch like this at your local hardware store?Read More »


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