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Paid Spam: 22 Cycles Steel Bully Frame (16.5, Small) & Maverick SC32

Details here: [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=82547&title=twenty-two-cycles-steel-bully-fat-bike-frame-small-16-5-withmaverick-sc32&cat=7]Twenty Two Cycles Steel Bully Fat Bike Frame (Small 16.5) with Maverick SC32 - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[ ... Read More »

Where to get an Origin 8 Bully steel mini velo?

[IMG]http://www.origin-8.com/images/new_800/69193.jpg[/IMG] I want it. Takes discs, rear mech, steel, quite beefy, takes bmx tires. What the Cannondale should have been imo. Where can I obtain such a beauty?Read More »

Twenty2 Cycles - Bully for Me

Fed Ex truck brought this today. I usually like to do my own builds, but couldn't resist the full build that Twenty2 was offering. The whole process took just about 3 weeks. Proabaly could've done it quicker, but I was trying to hold out for Marge Lites (to no avail). Even with the RDs, it came in a ... Read More »

Twenty 2 cycles Bully

pretty pimp build for under 5K [url=http://www.twenty2cycles.com/bikes/view/fat-snow-bully]Twenty2Cycles.com - Bikes - fat-snow-bully[/url] Wish i had 5k kicking aroundRead More »

R2R trails meeting & my own bully pulpit

I got invited to a Ridge to Rivers meeting about trail damage last night that was pretty interesting. One of the highlights of the evening was that I finally got to meet IrishBuddha in person! One thing that BuddhaBoy said was that all of the groups ought to bring up some positive accomplishm ... Read More »





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