Best Mountain Bike Gift Ideas - 2012

Welcome to Mtbr's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! Every year, we present some gift ideas for that special mountain biker in your life and every year the biggest complaint is that the items we suggest are too expensive. So, this year we have gathered this list of gift ideas and we start off with a few stoc ...    Read More »

Breezer #1 at US Bicycling Hall of Fame Opening

World's First Mountain Bike to Make Final West Coast Appearance (Davis, CA) - The United States Bicycling Hall of Fame has announced that the world's first modern mountain bike, Breezer #1, will be on display for one day at the Bicycling Hall Of Fame Museum at 303 3rd Street in Davis. Twenty other ...    Read More »

NiteFlux PMini 12 - 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

Niteflux is a company from Australia that makes high end lights that are a little bit different from the US mold.  We find it very cool to have fresh ideas from all over the world so we're always excited to see what they have to offer. This year, they were excited about their PMini12. It's a 214 ...    Read More »

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Geoman, I need some bright ideas (Edge 305 issue)

Hey Geoman....or anyone else for that matter, Just wondering if anyone has any bright Edge 305 is doing a really good paperweight impression right now. I went out for a ride this afternoon (18 km of wiping out, no hard landings) and the unit was performing flawle ... Read More »

Any bright ideas for the weekend?

Does anyone have guesses as to what might be open for riding this weekend? I gots some new parts to try out, and I'm anxious... Anyone?Read More »

Bright Ideas

Well this morning the sun was out and so was the ice, all over roofs, cars and so on. Cool, Ill take the SS for my first climb. St Josephs is close to my house and a decent climb on a geary, so I head on over. I put on some extra clothing since the temps read 37 degrees. I begin my ride with the ste ... Read More »

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