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The Angry Singlespeeder: The Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

If you could only have one bicycle, which one would it be? Is it a bike currently in your stable or is it another bike you envision but do not own yet?   Read More »

Pacenti DL31 Rim And Hadley Hub Wheelset

Introduction by Francis Cebedo We did a review on Pacenti TL28 wheel built up with a Chris King hubset HERE. Here is follow-on review to a rim that is wider since these days, wider IS better. It allows the tire to have a wider, more secure and stable contact patch. Pacenti knows a little bit abo ...    Read More »

ENVE Twenty7.5 (650B) AM Review

At Sea Otter this year, ENVE introduced a 650B rim, which they are calling the Twenty7.5 (650B), and they’ll come in an AM and XC version. The Twenty7.5 rims are 31mm wide (24mm internal) and weigh in at 410 grams for the AM, and 24mm wide (18mm Internal) and 360 grams for the XC, and will retail fo ...    Read More »

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Bridgestone XO Sizing Thoughts

I am a long time Bridgestone lover and have several MB1s and have had various other MBs over the years. I am thinking about picking up an XO. I ride the 46cm MBs and find the 49 to be a touch bigger than my liking. With that in mind, what would you all suggest for an XO size? Thanks in advance.Read More »

Sizing guide for Bridgestone MB-1

I came across an offer for a Bridgestone MB-1, but I can't find any sizing information on line. The MB-1 is 49 cm. I stand 5'11" with a 33.5" inseam. The bike too small? Too large? Thanks.Read More »

Bridgestone MB-3 with a Joe Breeze frame mod and a flywheel? This is pretty neat.

I think this is a pretty cool concept. Clearly this guy has a little VRC knowledge. [url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ca9_1373152830]LiveLeak.com - The future of cycling is here?![/url] Read More »

Bridgestone MB-1 fork replacement help

Hi folks, this is my first post here. I've been lurking and learning for sometime, and I figured I'd sign up so I can join some of these great conversations. I mostly ride in San Francisco, although I spend time in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles as well (work travel). I've spent the last 6 years or s ... Read More »

Pics of my Barracuda Bridgestone Specialized projects

Not on here very much and not very good with pictures but I'll give this a try to share some past and current projects. Sorry the images aren't the closest. A lot of effort went into these. 92 Barracuda A2R with Z1 fork- current ride 93 Bridgstone MB3 with Z4 fork - since sold & reconfigured n ... Read More »

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