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Hot News: Breezer introduces Supercell 29er trail bike

Breezer announces an all new 29er trail bike called Supercell. It has 120mm of rear travel and utilizes the MLink rear suspension design with the rear pivot located in the middle of the chainstay. Watch the video and find out more.   Read More »

Eurobike 2013: Breezer Repack 160mm Travel Bike with 27.5 Wheels

It was cool to catch up with Joe Breeze as he showed us his new Repack All Mountain bike. It features a very innovative 160mm of full suspension travel with a mid-pivot chainstay.    Read More »

Daily coverage from the 2014 Sea Otter Classic Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Mtbr's daily coverage of the 2014 Sea Otter Classic. We’ll be continually updating this page with photos and beta on all the latest in mountain bike technology.    Read More »

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Fillet Brazing Breezer/Wright drop-outs

Hey, Imma newb at this (lots of practice but only 1 full build under my belt). I've been looking at the Wright + Breezer dropouts for my next build (road frame) and I'm wondering if they're OK for fillet brazing. Somewhere I remember reading that its not recommended to fillet braze them but I cann ... Read More »

New Specialized Hardrock or 2010 Breezer Lightning Pro

Looking to buy a mtb, plan to ride trails and some light commuting in an urban environment. Been looking around at some bikes at a price point I think I may be able to convince my wife into approving, around $700. I was looking at some specialized bikes and I see people saying the hardrock is a goo ... Read More »

Stolen Breezer Cloud9 Ltd

[COLOR=#333333]Hi, [/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333]I live in San Jose close to downtown.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica]a couple weeks ago, on April 26, between 6:30-7 pm, someone stole my mountain bike from our house. It was a Breezer Cloud9 Ltd.[/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333 ... Read More »

Stolen Breezer Cloud9 Ltd

Hi, I live in San Jose close to downtown. [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica]a couple weeks ago, on April 26, between 6:30-7 pm, someone stole my mountain bike from our house. It was a Breezer Cloud9 Ltd.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Helvetica]I posted this on Craigslist: [/FONT][/COLOR] [url=ht ... Read More »

1988 American Breezer

Picked this up a little while back in Marin from the original owner's family. The original owner ordered this bike from his LBS in Mill Valley back in the day. When he took delivery of the bike he was disappointed with the original American Breezer decals. He much preferred the Breezer lll decals ... Read More »

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Breezer Product Categories

27.5 Full Suspension

Repack 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

29er Full Suspension

Supercell 0
0   Reviews
$ 2599.00

29er Hardtail

Cloud 9 Elite 5
1   Reviews
$ 6780.00
Cloud 9 Limited 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
Cloud 9 Pro 5
1   Reviews
$ 2499.99
Cloud 9 Team 0
0   Reviews
$ 4000.00
Jet Stream Comp 5
1   Reviews
$ 1099.99
Jet Stream Sport 4
2   Reviews
$ 1249.99
Lightning 29 Pro 0
0   Reviews
$ 1599.99
Lightning 29 Team 0
0   Reviews
$ 1000.00
Thunder 29 Comp 0
0   Reviews
$ 799.99
Thunder 29 Sport 4
1   Reviews
$ 649.99

XC Hardtail

Lightning Pro 0
0   Reviews
$ 999.99
Lightning Team 5
1   Reviews
$ 890.00


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