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Race Report: Cape Epic stage 1 and Medicenter photo gallery

‏Team Kappius/Sir Richard’s Thomas Dooley gives us a look at the impressive Cape Epic Medicenter as things heat up on the multi-day stage race on the Cape of South Africa.    Read More »

Gear Review: Giro New Road Women's Apparel

Giro targets women with its daring, mountain bike capable, New Road line of casual looking, but technically serious cycling apparel. See if they hit the mark or come up short.    Read More »

News: Mark Weir breaks pelvis and sacrum in freak accident

Mark Weir and four buddies tried to move a half-fallen tree out of the trail. As they tried to push it out of the way, a supporting branch crumbled and the tree came crashing down from twenty feet high. Mark tried to scramble out of the way but the tree smashed him and broke his pelvis and sacrum.   Read More »

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Seat post breaking frames?? HELP!

Hello gents! I just had my second flash 29 aluminum frame replaced in less than a year. Both frames failed in the same place, where the seat post and top tube are welded ( see pics ). 2012 frame [IMG]http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f205/Rocco79/B2032EE7-CC2D-48C5-AED7-70F95F8C29B4-460-000 ... Read More »

Roval Control 29 Breaking Spokes

These are the OEM Roval Control 29 on a 2012 Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29 HT. Rear wheel. A drive side spoke broke late last season. The LBS ordered 8 spokes (2 of each length for the wheelset) for which I paid $33 for- no warranty. Since then I have broken another drive side in late March and I ... Read More »

How light can a Pugsley get without breaking the bank?

Ok, so I have a Necromancer Pug. Stock(-ish). It's heavier than my 160mm enduro racing bike. It is now stock with the following mods: Easton Havoc Carbon bar Race Face Turbine stem Grip shift X0 Nine speed X7 f+r derailleurs Lightweight tubes Clown Shoe front rim Bud 127tpi front tire Gravity droppe ... Read More »

Thorn Resistant QTubes breaking

With nine of us all mountain biking and racing (yes, I have a wife and seven mountain-biking children), I am tired of changing blackberry-thorn- and goathead-induced flats on my regular Kenda QTubes and thought back to the time a few years back when I put in a super-thick tube that lasted about thre ... Read More »

spokes breaking

had a spoke break on a ride the other day , took my 12 epic into the shop to get it replaced. next day they call stating that they replaced the spoke but when they try to true the wheel the other spokes are breaking. so they are going to replace all the nipples to stop it from happening. the shop st ... Read More »

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