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Picking The Perfect Enduro Bike: The most (and least) important components

Enduro Compare-O Feature: What spec is worth spending extra coin on? With weight less important than on XC bikes, our experts skew towards parts that improve the ride rather saving grams. So what do you do when there are two bikes you’re equally enamored with, same cost, same test ride performance? ...    Read More »

The Best Bike Tools You’ve Never Heard Of: A Profile of Brett Flemming and Efficient Velo Tools

Despite localized fame and industry notice, EVT flies under the radar with the bike buying public, somewhat by design. While Park Tool happily sells to consumers as well as shops, Flemming prefers to focus on the professional market.    Read More »

2012 Norco Revolver, Sight and Aurum - First Ride Impressions

2012 Norco Product Launch Whistler, British Columbia 18-20 July 2011 Demo Rides in the Whistler Valley The trails in the Whistler Valley area exist because of a dedicated community of builders and the advocacy work of the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association – commonly referred to as WO ...    Read More »

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Break it, Fix it, Ride it software

The company that created the Break it, Fix it, Ride it software has went belly up and disappeared from the world and I can't find this software anywhere. Does anyone have a copy laying around that they would like to sell? Thanks.Read More »

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