Review: Brake Force One

We've had about a dozen rides on this brake system and we are ready to utter a few words about them. Powerful, modulates well, exotic and expensive. End of story. If you want to know more, then read on. Setup The brake lever is one-finger optimized so it is short and needs to be brought in clo ...    Read More »

Product News: SRAM releases new MTB brake system called Guide

SRAM announces the release of a new, four-piston hydraulic disc brake system called Guide aimed at the trail/all-mountain segment.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Pivot shoots for Holy Grail status with new Mach 6 Carbon

The versatile Mach 6 shoots for Holy Grail territory with it’s wide-ranging capabilities for a wide range of riders. Does it hit the mark? Read our Bottom Line review and find out.    Read More »

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FTW Industries Mategua with Brake force One brakes and Kilo fork: a short review

My effort to build the perfect race machine. The frame is made by Frank Wadelton AKA Frank The Welder using a mix of Easton and Columbus tubing. It rides great, but at a race pace it transforms. You almost forget it under your bum. I've had steel and ti rigs which were much smoother when training ... Read More »

Brake Force One?

[url][/url] Look pretty damned nice! Anyone seen/tried them yet? I like the concept... Similar to Shimano's servo-wave but executed entirely within the hydraulic circuit.Read More »

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