Box Components - new single lever shifters

Toby Henderson's company Box Components has a new single lever shifter with push-push action that seeks to simplify mountain bike shifting.    Read More »

Five cool, new bar and stem combos from Sea Otter

More manufacturers follow Easton’s lead on 35mm bar and stem combinations in our round up of cool, new cockpit set-ups seen at Sea Otter.    Read More »

Hot News: Ibis launches line of ultra-wide carbon wheels

Ibis reinvents the wheelset with new line of ultra-wide wheels. Beefy, hookless rims highlight new 741, 941 and 928 wheels.    Read More »

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medium 18 inch strong box

Anyone want to sell their medium 18 inch strong box frame or bike? I really want one and had no luck..Read More »

SPAM pass- New in box Canfield Nimble 9 frame, L, matte black. $700

[url=]NEW IN BOX 2013 Canfield Nimble 9 frame, large, matte black - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url]Read More »

Anyone know where I can rent a plastic bike box?

I'll need it for two weeks in the middle of August. Thanks.Read More »

Shoes with a WIDE toe box?

I have duck feet and I'm looking for some new shoes with a really wide toe box. They will be used for on and off-road touring, day trips that involve a long ride and some hiking and longer around-town that might be 20-30 miles of pedaling and a bunch of walking around running errands, meeting people ... Read More »

Someone turned EF into a cat box!

Whatever outfit that did this, considering we're rolling into the dry season, you ripping up a bunch of uphill dirt to fill in the hardpacked trail and NOT wet it've just doomed EF to become the surface of the moon! Good job! Now do everyone a favor and STOP!Read More »

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