First Look: Orbea Rallon Breaks Away with 160mm of Tuned BOS Suspension

Orbea has been known for road bikes and cross country bikes. But with this new 27.5 long travel bike, they will soon be a force in the All Mountain arena.   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Orbea Rallon's brings punk rock attitude to the enduro party

Orbea’s 160mm-travel Rallon throws down some serious Euro-trash punk rock on our Enduro Compare-O.    Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Orbea Rallon

Engineered to dominate the Enduro World Series circuit, the all-aluminum Orbea Rallon features 27.5-inch wheels and 160mm of travel with adjustable geometry   Read More »

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BOS Deville 160 for a HDR?

Thoughts out there on putting a 160 Deville on a 130 HDR? Wondering about the overall "balance" and feel for the bike, will it feel too lopsided?Read More »

anyone know the axle to crown on the BOS deville?

Looking for the axle to crown on the BOS deville 160 and 140, cant seem to find it posted anywhere.....Read More »

BOS or Pike for my new HDR

Torn here, should I go with the BOS or the Pike for my new HDR>?Read More »

Pike or BOS?

Really torn here, heard great things about both, should I go with the BOS or the PIKE?Read More »

UK BOS Service Centre now operational (finally!)

[TABLE="width: 149"] [TR] [TD]Open for business and servicing all forks and shocks. Clem @ Surf Sales: 01303 850553 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]Read More »

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