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Born Again- UPDATE *Finished Product*

Im pretty new to the whole Mtn Biking world, always had a cheap WalMart bike to just play around on. Now I am addicted and ready to get out and hit the trails to ride, race, and camp. A guy I work with gave me a heck of a deal on one of his old back up bikes, a Trek 26" hardtail 8000 sl. She has a f ... Read More »

Vassago awesomeness being born...

[ATTACH]792678[/ATTACH] Optimus Ti...SS-specific. Finally decided to replace my SIR9...got tired of the creaking, slipping EBB (Gen 2). More to follow... Sent from my iPhone 5 using TapatalkRead More »

mobydrv is born - all your cycling single LED driver needs in one :)

Hi all, I've been working with DrJones from BLF for the past month or so to design the ideal low cost single LED bike light driver. It's based on the venerable Nanjg AMC7135 linear drivers (max input 5.5V) and it's set up to use a tactile/ electronic switch to make housing/ remote switch design e ... Read More »

L.I.M.B is born! Join today

Feel like there's too many rules? Shouldnt riding be about riding? Do you worry about mud riding to the point that you post about it and seek others approval? If so....LIMB is for you...Long Island Mountain Bikers....our motto is.....Don't be Concerned it will probably be ok. Rules 1. If its m ... Read More »

Does Anyone Know How Lama Was Born??

I just got though reading the newly released book "The Rise of the Gnarly Crew by Ramajon" which is a satirical commentary that chronicles the growth of mountain biking in Sedona. One of the trails not referenced in the book was the Lama trail. I am curious if any MTBR viewers know how this trail ... Read More »



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