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Stans 29er 355 & Bont. XDX tries, What psi?

Just mounted up the Bontrager XDX with thick sidewalls on Stans 29er 355 rims. Any one have experience with this set up? I'm wondering what psi to run. Planning to start at 30psi. Thanks! (For all the weight wennies, I wieghed one of the tires at 697grams.)Read More »

Bont Race Lite tubeless setup

I just purchased a Bontrager Race Lite TLR wheelset. I was planning on running tubeless, I'm sure with reg tires or TLR ones, but I was wondering if I really need a rimstrip on it. When I bought them they did not come with any rimstrip on it and I just figured I'd just use a valve stem and be set, ... Read More »

spam Parting out my land shark and bont ss build

[url]http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=10327[/url] help me out guys I need cash quick willing to do deals for mtbr vrc members and quick paypal payment.Read More »

Bont. Race Lite Tubeless Opinions

From what I understand, the hub is a dt onyx and the wheelset is claimed at 1800grams. Anyone have actual experience with these? I'm looking to get a lighter reliable wheelset. (weight 180, xc rider).Read More »

are Bont. Race Lites still DT/Hugi hubs?

They say they are 'swiss made'. Are they made by DT Swiss/Hugi?Read More »


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